Public Notification ( Cat 2 & 3 )

Some types of development will require Public Notification. Public Notification means that neighbours and other interested parties must be advised that an application for development has been lodged and that they have the opportunity to comment on the application.

Public Notification is an important part of the Planning system as it gives the public an opportunity to influence outcomes on development that may impact them or the community and environment more generally. There are several categories of public notification that apply to different types of development. The Development Act 1993 and Development Regulations 1993, and some Council Development Plans list types of development for each category of Public Notification.

The categories each represent different levels – both in the amount of consultation and in the rights of the people notified. Category 1 has no Public Notification while Category 3 has the maximum amount of Public Notification. Council will undertake the public notification process and will require the applicant to pay an appropriate fee to cover the cost.

The key elements of each category are:
Category 1

Category 2

Category 2A
–  additional fees are required for this type of application.

Category 3

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