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The Flinders Regional Development Assessment Panel (Flinders RDAP) is established under Section 34(3) of the Development Act 1993 with Schedule 29 of the Development Regulations 2008 setting out the structure of the Flinders RDAP. The Flinders RDAP constituent councils are The Flinders Ranges Council (FRC), District Council of Mount Remarkable (DCMR), District Council of Orroroo Carieton (DCOC) and District Council of Peterborough (DCP).

The Finders RDAP consists of five(5) members, comprising four (4) Members made up of one elected member or officer appointed by each of the constituent councils; and one (1) independent Presiding Member (selected by the Minister)The Presiding Member must have a reasonable knowledge of the operation and requirements of the Act and appropriate qualifications or experience in a field that is relevant to the activities of the Panel.

Presiding Member:   Ms Shanti Ditter

Council Members:  Mr Garry Thompson (FRC); Ms Vicki Morley (DCMR); Mr Ralph Goehring (DCOC); Mr Frank Hardbottle (DCP)

The Flinders RDAP is required to appoint a Public Officer. The current Public Officer and their contact details are:

Mr Peter McGuinness
Public Officer
Flinders Regional Development Assessment Panel
c/- District Council of Peterborough
PO Box 121, Peterborough SA 5422
Tel (08) 8651 3566 Fax (08) 8651 3066 Email peter@peterborough.sa.gov.au

FRDAP Governance Documents

As with any sound and well functioning Board, Committee or Organisation, good governance plays a vitally important role.

The following governance documents are in place to guide and assist the RDAP in its operation and functioning.

FRDAP Member Resources

The following Resources are provided to assist Members of the RDAP fulfill their Roles & Functions

FRDAP Agenda and Minutes

April 13 2017
.pdf FRDAP Agenda 13 April 2017 Agendas
.pdf FRDAP Minutes 13 April 2017 Minutes
.pdf FRDAP Agenda 13 April 2017 - Agenda Reports & Attachments Reports Agenda Attachments

Agenda and Minutes for FRDAP Meetings held prior to the 1st January 2013 can be found on the District Council of Mount Remarkable website.

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