Council Forms

pdf Agreement - Recipient created tax invoice(18 kb)

pdf FRC Barytes Request for Footpaths(66 kb)

pdf FRC Council Appreciation Form(72 kb)

pdf FRC Development Application Form & Advisory Information(188 kb)

pdf FRC Dog - Change of Details - Form 4(209 kb)
eg deceased dog, moved residence, changed ownership

pdf FRC Dog New Registration - Form 1(214 kb)

pdf FRC Dog or Cat Complaint Form(33 kb)

pdf FRC Food Business Notification Form(304 kb)

pdf FRC Information for Septic Tank Installation(70 kb)

pdf FRC Investment Support & Incentives Program Form(214 kb)

pdf FRC Mulch Disclaimer Form(104 kb)

pdf FRC Onsite Wastewater Application Form(575 kb)

pdf FRC Onsite Wastewater Works Application Form(575 kb)

pdf FRC Request Form(115 kb)
Please use for complaints also

pdf FRC Septic Tank Application Form(575 kb)

pdf FRC Working Dog Form(22 kb)

pdf FRC Works Order Disclaimer(16 kb)

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